Ryan school boy murder case
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The CBI has detained a Class 11 student of Ryan International School situated in Gurugram, India on Wednesday, November 8, in relation to the murder of Pradhuman Thakur, a Class 2 student of the same school.

The Central Bureau of Investigation stated that the student was last seen with a knife inside the school premise, on the very same day the seven-year-old was brutally murdered in the school's bathroom. Officials discovered the body of Pradhuman on September 8, with his throat slit. People are therefore suspicious of the Class 11 student for the murder of Pradhuman Thakur since he was last seen with a knife.

As per reports, the detained student is suspected of having watched a pornographic clip in the morning of the incident. Pradhuman Thakur, just minutes after he was dropped to the school by his father, might have entered the bathroom while the accused was still in there. He might have tried sexually assaulting the little kid.

The student will be presented to the Juvenile Justice Board on the afternoon of November 8. Following the regulations of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015, the Court will decide whether the accused shall be treated as a major or a minor.

Previously, the Haryana Police claimed that Pradhuman was killed by the school bus conductor Ashok Kumar inside the school toilet and was apparently sodomised by the man. Police suggested that since Pradhuman tried resisting he was killed. However, Pradhuman's parents since a long time claimed that the bus driver is being made a scapegoat and that the real criminal is roaming around freely.

The murder of the seven-year-old has created a huge uproar in India. Pradhuman Thakur, was brutally killed in the bathroom of his school after being sexually assaulted. The boy was found lying in the bathroom when the gardener raised an alarm.

The bus conductor, Ashok Kumar was found holding the body of the child and crying for help, after which he was arrested. The crime got a new twist after the Class 11 student was held responsible for the act. Investigation and further questioning after the court trial of the Class 11 student, shall soon reveal the criminal in connection to the gruesome murder.

With inputs from IANS.