Clash of Clans Builder Base update reveals new troops, buildings and battle mode

Supercell has finally rolled out the Builder Base update on Clash of Clans.

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The Builder Base update in Clash of Clans has just been rolled out by Supercell and it brings a new world the players can build and battle in. The latest update includes all new features: troops, buildings, and battle mode.

A whole new world

A whole new world in Clash of Clans has just been revealed by Supercell today. Dubbed to be the game's biggest update in history, Supercell welcomes all village chiefs from around the world to the new Builder Base.

The Builder Base update

With the Builder Base update, the wrecked boat docked on the shore of every village can be repaired. Once rebuilt, players can use it to explore new places and build a whole new base there with special troops, buildings, and a lot more.

On top of these is the new Versus Battle mode. Players can attack head-to-head with brand new armies, gameplay, and leaderboard. This mode features troops that can be trained with abilities, like the Sneaky Archer's cloak.

A new high-powered hero riding on a wooden robot with a massive hammer in tow can be trained. It has a reusable ability.

For buildings and traps, the Builder Base has unruly defences like Crusher and Push Trap to get ahead a few steps ahead of the enemies. The home village too can be geared up with special upgrades, Gem Mine, and Clock Tower.

Builder Base achievements

The update log unveils the following Builder Base achievements:

  • Master Engineering. Upgrade Builder Hall to level 3 for 20 XP and 10 gems.
  • Next Generation Model. Unlock Sneaky Archer in the Builder Barracks for 20 XP and 10 gems.
  • Un-Build It. Destroy five Builder Halls in Versus battles for 20 XP and 10 gems.
  • Champion Builder. Achieve a total of 200 trophies in Versus battles.
  • High Gear. Gear up one building using the Master Builder for 20 XP and 10 gems.
  • Hidden Treasures. Rebuild Gem Mine for 20 XP and 10 gems.

May 2017 balancing update

Alongside the Builder Base update is new levels for Heal, Freeze, and Clone spells, seventh Gold Mine and Elixir Collector at Town Hall 9, and other balancing and discounts.

Watch the official Builder Base teaser below.

This article was first published on May 23, 2017