CIX comes back with second EP; reveals goals for 2020

CIX releases second EP; reveals goals for 2020

CIX, the five-member boy group, held an event on November 19 to release the new EP of the boy band titled 'Hello Chapter 2: Hello, Strange Place'. Earlier this year, CIX had released their debut EP titled 'Hello Chapter 1: Hello, Stranger'.

The CIX members said: "When we released our debut album, we didn't have time to be nervous. This time, we thought it would be easier, but we want to show our growth from the first album, so we're a little nervous."

"We prepared an album that is as unique as CIX, so please show it a lot of love. We only thought about how we can show our fans, who have waited for us, a new side to our growth," said Bae Jin Young, one of the members of CIX.

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Talking about about the title track of the EP titled 'Numb', Yonghee, another member of CIX, said that the title track is all about the different problems that their generation is going through. The song is meant to ignite hope among people and inspire them not to give up in life.

Lee Byounggon, who is popularly known by his stage name BX, added: "The first EP, 'Hello, Stranger' told the general story of our trilogy. 'Hello, Strange Place' is the beginning of the actual story."

When the group was questioned about the hardships of preparing for a comeback, Bae Jin Young said, "We received the song 'Numb' while we were still promoting our first album. We listened to a lot of songs while promoting 'Movie Star.' The hardest part of preparing for a comeback was when we were all tired and needed sleep."

He also revealed CIX's 2020 goals and said: "We want to promote often and walk down this path with fans until the end. We want to make our name known among the public and fans, and we want to make even better music."