The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) has decided to induct a completely automated counter-drone management system to neutralise or shoot down any drone which poses security risk near airports.

With the system in place, CISF, which guards 60 airports in the country, will have the capability to target any kind ofUAV several kilometres away from the airport so that incoming and outgoing flights are not affected.

The fully automated Anti-UAV Defence System has a long-range radar, infrared and daylight cameras, target-tracking software, radio frequency jammer and other instruments which can jam signals to the drone making it ineffective or if it is a threat shoot it down.

The system is in use in France, Israel, the US and the UK and it can not only detect, track and classify if the drone is a micro, mini or large, but also differentiate between a bird and drone. It can also identify the country of manufacture and fire without the need for human intervention.

The system was on display at the two-day International Civil Aviation Security seminar organised by CISF on October 9-10 at Vigyan Bhawan in Delhi, which saw experts from 18 countries participating. CISF is planning to procure the system after it clears tests.

Civilian drones in India are restricted to daytime within visual line of sight flying and drones aren't allowed near restricted locations such as defence establishments, airport and the international border.