Circle: Alien dystopia drama drops an intriguing teaser [VIDEO]

The upcoming tvN sci-fi drama, Circle revolves around two timelines- 2017 and 2037.

The upcoming tvN sci-fi drama, Circle released an interesting and cryptic teaser on 23 April. It features one of the main characters of the drama which is played by Kim Kang-woo.

According to dramabeans, the upcoming drama revolves around two timelines- 2017 and 2037. In the present timeline, Yeo Jin-gu plays the role of a college student when the aliens come to the earth and in the future, Kim Kang-woo plays the role of a police detective when the world is divided into two territories namely, utopian "Smart Earth" and the other one as "Ordinary Earth" that's still filled with suffering.

The teaser surely boasts of some amazing cinematography, the breathtaking shots looks like a nature documentary clip. The teaser starts with Kim Kang woo, he is seen turning is back towards the camera and the frame captures the beautiful seaside he is facing. Large crashing waves with some amazing music in the background are an absolute pleasure to watch. Soon, the scene switches to place covered with green moss and one can hear eerie bird calls.

The scene keeps changing again and again but he remains at the same position as if he is looking for something very eagerly, may be some clue or some pattern.

In the background, Kim Kam Woo is heard saying, "In a world where emotions have been eradicated, there's been a murder that should not have occurred."

The teaser ends with flashes of a burnt case file. It is not clear what it is actually but it can be Kim Kang-woo's own memories as he thinks to himself, "Wait for me. I will remember."