CHUANG 2021 Winners: Here Are the Members of Produce Camp 2021's International Boy Group

25 contestants made it to the final round of CHUANG 2021. The winners [11 members] will form an international boy group.

Produce Camp 2021 officially called CHUANG 2021 premiered on February 17, 2021. After vigorous performances and elimination rounds, the winners of the survival dance show were announced on April 24. The winners will get to debut as members of the international boy group IN01.

The winners are: Liu Yu, Santa, Rikimaru, Mika Hashizume, Nine, Lin Mo, Bo Yuan, Zhang Jiayuan, Patrick, Zhou Keyu, Liu Zhang. These winners will be selected through global viewer's votes. The program is produced by Tencent. The finale was streamed live by Tencent Video and WeTV. The Red Carpet event was available since 6 PM CST and finale was broadcast at 7 PM CST. The show is being filmed in Hainan Island.

Chuang 2021
Winners of CHUANG 2021 will be selected through global voting. Picture of contestants during the finale. Twitter

The program was broadcast every Wednesday and Saturday between February 17 and April 24 at 7 PM CST. As the dance show was conducted to select an international boy group, it had subtitles in several languages. CHUANG 2021 is the fourth season of the show Produce 101 China franchise.

Initially there were reports that the fourth season will be a co-ed of male and female trainees. But the organizers refuted these claims as rumors on the official Sina Weibo account.

The announcement about holding online show of Produce 101's CHUANG 2021 was made in October 2020. It was stated that along with the chief mentor Chinese actor, comedian, director and singer Deng Chao, five other mentors will assist the candidates of the survival show.

Accordingly, R1SE leader Zhou Zhennan [Rap], Chinese singer Zhou Shen [Vocal], Chinese actress and singer Ning Jing [Vocal], Member of BonBon Girls 303 Nene Pornnappan Pornpenpipat [International assistant] and f(X) member Amber Liu [Rap] were inducted into the team of mentors.

The show started with 90 contestants from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and some parts across the globe including Japan, United States, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, and Cuba. But after various eliminations rounds 25 contestants made it to the finale.

  1. Liu Yu
  2. Santa
  3. Mika
  4. Rikimaru
  5. Patrick
  6. Caelan
  7. Nine
  8. Zhou Keyu
  9. Lin Mo
  10. Lelush
  11. Zhang Jiayuan
  12. Bo Yuan
  13. Liu Zhang
  14. Hiroto
  15. Gan Wangxing
  16. Zhang Xingte
  17. Oscar
  18. Xue Bayi
  19. Wu Yuheng
  20. Zhang Xinyao
  21. Fu Sichao
  22. Ren Yinpeng
  23. Yu Gengyin
  24. Amu
  25. Hu Yetao
This article was first published on April 24, 2021