Christopher Saint Uses His Powerful Influence to Pave the Way For More Queer And POC Voices

Christopher Saint

In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the call for equality in the labor force and elsewhere. Christopher Saint, a public speaker, is one of those dedicated people who has contributed to the rise in the equality movement. He sees that there are a lot of opportunities for all. He continues to fight for the representation of the queer community and people of color. He has founded multiple companies with the goal of helping the LGBTQ+ community.

Christopher was born in San Jose, California but lived most of his life in Los Angeles, where he eventually created his first business. In 2015, he founded Palette Studio LA, a marketing agency that he envisions to be more creative than other agencies in town.

Palette LA was created to provide clients with creative direction, branding, and marketing through innovative ideas, greater influence, and embracing changes.

Under Christopher's leadership and management, Palette LA has worked with giant companies within different industries in the US and abroad. Some of their many companies include Los Angeles Times, People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and Time Magazine. Palette LA also had the privilege of making branded content and ad campaigns for Vans, TicTac, CitiBank, Maybelline New York, and even Coca-Cola.

Christopher was recently named to Forbes Next list of top entrepreneurs in the country.

"Being an entrepreneur for me has always been for me a direct path to creating change. In business, to have a seat at the table is your seat of influence and power. These days, I'm thinking more broadly about how I can actually build my own table for people like me that have been ignored by both the political and economic mainstream," said Christopher.

Another major endeavor of Christopher is a community-based retailer, healing space, and platform for spiritual seekers called Mostly Angels LA. Spirituality, according to Christopher, is his personal expression of love and the remembrance of his true identity. Through the work he is doing, he intends on helping change the lives of thousands of people to improve their emotional and spiritual well-being.

Christopher's activism became instrumental in his involvement with Mostly Angels as its vision aligns with his personal agenda of spreading love. He believes that anyone can claim blessings and goodness and that each of us has the power and birthright to receive the outpour of abundance and love. This idea is his main weapon for fighting for equality and combating discrimination against the queer community and people of color.

"In a post-pandemic world, we are moving into a space of enlightenment and healing for our world. The pandemic not only exposed society's economic and health crises but tragedies of emotional, mental, and spiritual distress for so many of us. I believe it will be both artists and entrepreneurs that will help articulate a renewed vision of love and empowerment to the masses to help us evolve, transform and move forward."

Made In Love Movement is another one of Christopher's passion projects where he uses art as the platform for sharing his and others' stories. Through this movement, he is able to reach out and get the attention of a lot of people on human rights and related movements. Improving the lives of the LGBT and POC youth around the country and the rest of the world became Christopher's life mission.

Christopher had directly experienced the struggles as a gay man and a person of color. He endured many challenges with his personal, sexual, and racial identity during the days of his youth. Nevertheless, he didn't let these unpleasant moments in his life bring him down but instead used them to fuel his drive to succeed.

"I think no matter what hardships we've been through or perceived limitations, every chapter in our life has a purpose. I've been able to see how my upbringing and years of self-loathing and fear actually contributed in many ways to the man I am today and becoming. I can be a voice for confidence and healing for others because I know what it took to transcend my past and succeed."

With a powerful voice and influence on social media, Christopher has paved the way for more queer people and people of color to excel in their fields. He has used his degrees in public relations and communication management as well as his victory at OutWeb Fest, features in national campaigns with McDonald's and Bumble, and his recent Forbes honor to serve as inspiration for others. Christopher's rise in the mainstream industry is proof that no amount of indifference can hinder a soul on fire from reaching great heights.