Christina Hendricks and husband Geoffrey Arend split after 10 years of marriage

The couple announced the news of their separation in a joint post on Instagram on Thursday, October 17.

christina hendricks
Instagram/ Geoffrey Arend

The end of a decade of wedded bliss? Actress Christina Hendricks took to social media to announce her split with her husband of ten years, Geoffrey Arend. The couple announced the news of their separation in a joint post on Thursday, October 17.

"Twelve years ago we fell in love and became partners. We joined our two amazing families, had countless laughs, made wonderful friends and were blessed with incredible opportunities," she began her message.

"Today we take our next step together, but on separate paths. We will always be grateful for the love we've shared and will always work together to raise our two beautiful dogs," the actress of Mad Men fame continued.

"We will be taking time to rediscover ourselves in this transition and we thank you for your patience and support in giving us the space to do so," the Good Girls actress concluded in her Instagram post.

Hendricks was recently spotted without her wedding ring when she attended the 10th annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in Los Angeles earlier this month. The actress and Arend tied the knot ten years ago, i.e. on October 11, 2009, in New York.

As reports suggest, the couple was introduced to each other by her Mad Men co-star Vincent Kartheiser, from where they instantly hit off. Back in 2014, the 44-year-old actress had also spoken about having no desire to become a parent.

She said: "There were a lot of people who came and thanked me for saying it out loud, and I thought, 'Well, isn't it sad, that we can't say it out loud?' I really don't understand the hullaballoo around it. There are people who have kids and people who don't have kids. We're the people who don't have kids."

Even her now ex-husband was pretty much on board with not having any children. During the same conversation, Hendricks said, "We'll celebrate eight years of marriage in October. We've been together for almost 10. It doesn't feel that long at all. I just know him so well. I've never known anyone that well in my life. He understands me and listens to my c**p and still somehow loves me, and I'm grateful for that."