Christien Bouc of Bouc Media Says Celebrity Advertising Is 2021

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Christien Bouc

Bouc Media and its founder Christien Bouc have garnered a lot of notoriety in the social media marketing community in terms of the top tier services Christien and his team offer to clients. With influencer marketing being at the forefront of what he does to build instagram pages into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers for clients, I had the chance to sit down and interview Christien to discover a little more about Bouc Media and how it operates internally. "Do you see any new trends emerging in Instagram growth horizon? What's next?

The Fastest Way To Grow On IG

"Celebrity Giveaways," Christien Bouc replies. Celebrity campaigns became the primary way to grow an organic following on Instagram in 2020 and beyond, with traditional methods deemed obsolete, so much demand came about for a new seamless way to grow. Many agencies have tried to compete in this space, but only a few are memorable and deemed reliable enough to work with. Christien says, "Currently, I see the demand for giveaways growing at a steady rate as more businesses look for affordable, fast ways to grow their following with real followers. In December of 2020, the Google Trends statistics indicate that search volumes for the keyword 'Instagram Giveaways' in the United States."

"These giveaways are often called 'Loop Giveaways' and it is one of the fastest ways to grow a brand on Instagram with a limited budget. I honestly see many future partnerships between specific agencies and influencers because of the increased popularity. Giveaway companies can reach out to big influencers and celebrities and pay them on a pay-per-post model, making an 8X return if all giveaway spots are sold." says Christien. Long gone are the days where you could get 2000-5000 followers a month on auto-pilot just by posting quality content and leveraging follow/unfollow, nowadays things have become very pay-to-play demanding extremely affluent clientele.

Future Developments In The Giveaway Space

Giving up entirely on outdated methods, agencies like Bouc Media and Christien Bouc want to bridge the gap between agencies and influencers. "I see more influencers partnering to get a percentage of revenue while leaving the agency to sell the spots. This also opens the potential for running "Direct Follow" campaigns where a celebrity promotes their followers to "Follow the people I am following" versus going to an intermediary giveaway page. In split tests, we've seen clients gain an average of 30% more followers from direct follow giveaway campaigns vs. using a traditional intermediary page. Influencer marketing is growing at an outstanding rate, and I do not see it slowing down at any point. Giveaways are becoming the go-to for clients to build up social proof fast and leverage Instagram to facilitate online sales." says Christien.

Giving Back To The World

Are there any special initiatives planned this year to help out the world or change the game? "Yes, this year Bouc Media will begin to host and organize celebrity campaigns. Too many agencies offer unrealistic growth guarantees only to fall short and leave clients unhappy. There are so many little things that go into a successful campaign from the creative to the amount of time the celebrity is not allowed to post after the giveaway is live. Authentic engagement is by far the most important factor, but the goal is for Bouc Media and partners to give away $10,000 in 2021."

This article was first published on March 21, 2021