Christian Oliver: Eerie Final Post by 'Indiana Jones' Actor Revealed Before Plane Crash that Killed Him and His Two Young Daughters

The post was made on New Year's Day in which Oliver was seen capturing the sunset off Bequia, a small Caribbean island that is part of St. Vincent.

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The final eerie social media post from Christian Oliver has been revealed. The American actor Christian Klepser, 51, known professionally as Christian Oliver, tragically lost his life in a plane crash in the Caribbean on Thursday. Oliver had shared a haunting final message on social media just three days before he was killed in a tragic plane crash.

Oliver was traveling with his daughters Madita, 12, and Annik, 10, when they were killed along with their pilot, Robert Sachs, in the horrifying plane crash that was caught on camera. "Greetings from somewhere in paradise! To community and love ...2024 [here] we come," he happily captioned a photo of a beach.

Final Goodbye

Christian Oliver
Christian Oliver, whose real name was Christian Klesper, died in a plane crash along with his two daughters in the Caribbean X

The post was made on New Year's Day in which Oliver was seen capturing the sunset off Bequia, a small Caribbean island that is part of St. Vincent.

The silhouette of a family was visible in the foreground, set against the backdrop of serene tropical waters, with a catamaran resting on the surface. A phrase that read: "Let love rule. Wishing all of you the best for 2024" was also written on the photo.

Fans immediately expressed their sorrow and offered condolences in the comments section upon learning about his death.

"So sad that this was the last thing he posted on his feed," a fan wrote, noting the eerie nature of Oliver's final post.

"My deepest sympathy to his wife on the unimaginable loss of Husband and two daughters. There are no words," another fan wrote.

Christian Oliver
The plane carrying Christian Oliver and his daughters seen crashing into the sea off a small Caribbean island X

"Someone please make sure his wife is ok . sending many prayers her way," one added.

Another person chimed in: "This post is particularly heartbreaking. ."

"May you and your beautiful girls rest in peace. You will be dearly missed," wrote another.

"I can't believe it," another fan wrote.

Christian Klepser, known by the stage name Christian Oliver, was a German-born actor. He appeared in major movies such as "Speed Racer" and "Valkyrie." One of his first roles in the United States was a long-standing stint on "Saved by the Bell: The New Class" in 1995.

Gone too Soon

Oliver and his daughters were en route to St. Lucia when the crash happened, according to authorities. Shortly after taking off from JF Mitchell Airport in Bequia, the plane encountered unspecified difficulties.

Christian Oliver
The plane seen floating on water after the crash X

Local fishermen and recreational swimmers who were in the area assisted in the initial search, as mentioned in a police statement. The water's depth is estimated to be around 70 feet.

The chilling moment when the plane crashed was caught on camera and has since gone viral on social media.

In a video circulating on social media, a person recording can be heard saying, "The plane crashed! Call the Coast Guard!"

According to reports from St. Vincent-based news outlet Searchlight, Sachs radioed the tower shortly after takeoff to report trouble and that he was turning back. Unfortunately, that was the last communication.

Christian Oliver
Christian Oliver with Al Pacino X

Cornell Campbell, who saw the plane crashing, told iWitness that the plane drew his notice because of the "noise from the aircraft, the engine, the propeller." "Everything shut off the first time. So, I told my friend, 'That plane is going to crash.' But the plane kicked up back again like it built up back a power," he said.

Campbell described that the plane regained power but had descended in altitude following the initial malfunction. While the pilot tried to correct the descent, it seemed that the power was lost again, and the plane "just dived down."

"But when it sinking, something went "Bouff!" in the water and that is why I said it exploded. So that is the only thing I heard when the plane was sinking. It went "Bouff!" under the water," Campbell said.