Christian Konopatzki Wins Award at World Business Outlook Awards

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Christian Konopatzk

Christian Konopatzki, lead marketing specialist and CEO of CTARS FZE, has been awarded the Best Affiliate Marketing Manager in the UAE for 2021 at this year's World Business Outlook Awards ceremony.

The World Business Outlook Awards are held to bring to light exceptional talent and skill in the world of business across the globe. With an eye for industry mastery, leadership talents, industry value, impeccable strategies for success, and potential on an international forum, the World Business Outlook Awards seek out only the best of the best when it comes to business.

Highly qualified editorial teams and panels of judges go through rigorous research and data findings to review each of the businesses nominated for the Awards. Winners are announced based on the integrity of their application and the current achievements they have made in their own respective fields. As a winner of this awards ceremony, businesses are given a prestigious award alongside a certificate of authenticity to prove their achievement.

Some of the past winners of the World Business Outlook Awards have gone on to become shining examples of success, including businesses like Saudi Telecom Company, Sharjah Asset Management, Oman Oil Corporation, Emirates NBD Egypt, BIDV, OCBC Bank, Barwa Bank, Saudi Enaya, Kuwait Aviation Services Company, and many others.

Their panel of judges encourages participation from businesses across all demographics, corporations, and global communities without discrimination. Winners of awards are based solely on their business talent and merit.

CTARS FZE is a marketing firm specializing in increasing brand exposure and driving all forms of digital engagement and advertising. They make the most of non-paid forms of advertising, focusing on the expectations and needs of their clients. The innovative methods implemented by Christian Konopatzki and CTARS FZE have been changing the way the marketing community sees advertising, leading the business to become among the most successful marketing firms in Dubai. Together, they have achieved a strong and loyal customer base that keeps coming back for more of their services. Many such clients have given testimonial attesting to their skill and competency in the world of marketing.

Christian began his marketing ventures by specializing in affiliate marketing and print on demand product advertising. His determination to always develop himself eventually helped him achieve top Marketer status in the affiliate marketing industry, gaining him renown with clients and the acclaim of marketers everywhere. His knowledge and unique marketing techniques have made Christian a very well known public figure in Dubai's Marketing World.

Various news outlets have featured Christian as an influencer and marketing expert, gaining him attention from major media channels throughout the course of his career. His passion and skill in entrepreneurship have driven him to share his story with other aspiring marketing professionals, hoping to inspire the same level of success in those who intend to follow in his footsteps.

This article was first published on October 17, 2021