Chris Zaknum's DAO Maker provides a robust platform for retail venture investing in equity and tokens

Chris Zaknum

It creates vast growth technologies and funding frameworks for startups, at the same time reducing risks for investors.

Retail venture capital requires a low risk framework to have a global reach as a majority of retail investors cannot risk large chunks of their money and that's the reason brands like DAO Maker offer opportunities to people to safely invest their money and grow their invested capital while simultaneously help improve the quality of millions of lives by opening a whole new world of funding. Since its inception a couple of years back, DAO Maker has grown exponentially and become one of the largest ecosystems of quality retail investors.

The name behind this successful venture Chris Zaknum says, "right after we stepped into this space, we have signed more than 75,000 retail users interested in early-stage ventures while building a suite of services to attract high-quality startups to join the ecosystem and be a part of a decentralized, safe, and autonomous environment."

Their technology solutions that are provided within DAO Maker's startup growth toolkit is used by industry's most developing sectors. The response has been overwhelming and till date, the demand for their products has gone overboard, more than they can handle and that's the reason they're working on self-managed versions of their technology products which are standalone and don't require third party intervention. DAO Maker's track record has defied market cycles as they have been working with projects to design solutions to raise capital in bear markets, supported enterprise blockchains to generate new product portfolios for growth, and created technology solutions that expand community empowerment in tokenized developments.

The main objective of DAO Maker is to create a globally compliant fundraising platform for both crowd equity and tokens. Their approach is completely different from other fundraising platforms, and that's what makes them stand out from the crowd. Chris is confident of taking his organization to the next level in the near future and is gearing up to step into the next phase shortly by introducing many innovations which would be beneficial to retail investors in many ways.