Chris Robinson, Owner Of Branded Skate Shop, Shares His Tips To Dominating The World Of SB Sneakers Collection

Chris Robinson

Having a business is a very big deal to many individuals. After all, being your own boss can be a dream come true. But for many entrepreneurs, there's a story behind the creation of their business. This is certainly the case with sneaker collector and entrepreneur Chris Robinson.

Robinson's Branded Skate Shop was built entirely upon his passion for sneakers, particularly SB sneakers, the Nike brand named for its line of sneakers for skateboarders. His passion for sneakers started when he was in his youth. His remarkable collection of rare and unique sneakers has eventually led him to establish his own shop. However, with most successful entrepreneurs, there is always more to the story than just passion.

Robinson's SB Sneakers Story

Robinson purchased his first pair of sneakers at age 14. Those Nikes were the start of his sneakers collection journey. Today his collection is one of the most sought-after in the world.

Determination led Robinson to pursue his passion

What many don't know about Robinson is that he grew up less fortunate than most in his neighborhood. It was this circumstance that shaped him to become the man he is today. Having experienced life without the newest clothing and other luxurious items, he became determined to live a life where he could afford those things for himself and his family.

As a result of his determination at such a young age, he is now a globally-known sneakers collector. He's also a famous social media SB influencer. One of Robinson's goals in life is to help promote the positivity of the sneakers culture and spread its influence around the globe. To Robinson, sneakers are much more than just leather and glue.

"Know what you want to do and go after it."

Skateboard sneakers have achieved their greatest popularity in the United States because skateboarding originated there. Hearing Robinson, who was born in a small town to a poor family of Irish and African American descent, say, "Know what you want to do and go after it," is no doubt inspiring to many fellow Americans of similar backgrounds.

In his many interviews, Robinson emphasizes the importance of hard work on top of determination to achieve what you want in life. No matter what anyone says, he believes that you truly can make your dreams come true. Robinson started out working a common job at a young age and earned his way making a sneakers collection. His waiting in long lines and extensive searching to purchase special sneakers led him to where he is today.


Robinson is admired by many within the sneaker community for his voice and contribution. Many entrepreneurs wanting to achieve their own business dreams, particularly those who have nothing to start with, look up to him. With passion, determination, and hard work, others may be able to make their dreams a reality just like Robinson