Chris Gayle dons special India-Pakistan suit, says will wear it on his birthday

Chris Gayle
Can Gayle Reuters

Chris Gayle has to be the most colourful man in world cricket. During his team's matches in the World Cup, he gets a big cheer every time he fields the ball and the big Jamaican responds by entertaining the crowd with funny gestures. Off the field also, Gayle has often flaunted his great style and unique sense of fashion.

As the World Cup gets ready for one of the most keenly anticipated contests of the tournament – India vs Pakistan – Gayle decided to use the occasion to show off a very unique suit in his possession. It is, in Gayle's own words, an 'India-Pakistan' suit. The left-handed batsman posted a picture of this unique costume on his Instagram page and also shared a link to it on his Twitter timeline. He even announced that it is a dress that he really loves and would even like to wear it on his birthday.

The tweet posted by the Windies batsman read: "Yup! I'm rocking my India-Pakistan Suit, all love and respect! I really love it and this will be one of my outfit at my birthday party September's lit. #FashionOverStyle #UniverseBoss..."

The suit is grey and has saffron and green patches on the arms and the front. However, if one looks cursorily at the suit, it may well look as if the colours on the dress are of the Indian flag rather than of the two nations he is referring to. Perhaps, Gayle has been mistaken in believing that the suit is made to represent the two teams, perhaps it is meant to support the Indian team only.

Whatever the reality, Gayle certainly looks dapper and stylish sporting it and if he intends to wear it on his birthday, it must have really impressed him. Let's wait till September 20th to see if the superstar cricketer does sport it on his birthday. Perhaps, he may put it on during the India vs Pakistan match to show his support for both the teams.