Chris Brown recalls bloody assault on Rihanna

Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna after a pre-Grammy party in 2009.

Rihanna and Chris Brown
Rihanna and Chris Brown have remained close though he attacked her in 2009 Reuters

Chris Brown has opened up about the night he assaulted former girlfriend, Rihanna. In a new clip for his documentary, Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life, the 28-year-old artist reveals what happened between them after a pre-Grammy party in 2009.

The former couple's relationship took a hit after he confessed to sleeping with a woman prior to their relationship. Brown said: "My trust totally was lost with her, she hated me after that. I tried everything, she didn't care. She just didn't trust me after that. From there, it just went downhill because there were too many verbal fights, physical fights as well. Mutual sides. It is the first time I get to say anything. We would fight each other. She would hit me, I would hit her and it never was OK."

"There was always a point where we'd talk about it like, 'What the f**k are we doing?'" he said. "Like, 'I don't like you slapping me.' If I go on stage I got a scratch on my face and I gotta explain it like, 'Oh, no I fell.' If you got a scar or a bruise you gotta put makeup on. I'm not ever trying to put my hands on any female."

The row was further triggered after the unidentified woman he previously had sexual relations with, approached the couple at the Clive Davis pre-Grammy gala. He said: "The ceremony's about to start, she's just crying. She got over it. She started drinking a little bit, we both was drinking a little bit. We were both drinking a little bit, laughing, joking. And then we left."

After the event, the duo were in the car, and Rihanna saw a text message from the woman. He confessed he did not know the woman would be there, but Rihanna refused to listen. He said: "She starts going off, she throws the phone...'I hate you.' She hits me a couple more times."

"I remember she tried to kick me, but then I really hit her, with a closed fist, I punched her. I busted her lip. When I saw it, I was in shock. I was like, 'F**k' why the hell did I hit her? From there she just spit in my face, spit blood in my face and it enraged me even more."

Brown said: "She takes the keys out of the car and fakes it like she throws them out of the window. I get out the car and I'm looking for the keys and somebody yelled and she yells out her door, 'Help, he's trying to kill me.'"