Choi Sung Won leukemia: Reply 1988 actor's acute illness can be 'fully treated'

The actor has left the cast of his forthcoming drama 'Mirror of the Witch'.

South Korean actor Choi Sung Won, known for his role in hit series Reply 1988, has been diagnosed with acute Leukemia. The official statement from the actor's production house confirmed the news on Monday.

An official note released by the producers of Sung Won's upcoming drama "Mirror of the Witch" stated that the 31-year-old will be leaving the drama following his medical condition. The producers affirmed: "Choi Sung Won, who was originally cast in the role of Dong Rae, went to the hospital on May 4 to receive an examination and was diagnosed with acute leukemia. In order to focus on treatment, he has decided to leave the drama."

The statement also read that Sung Won's case has been discovered at an early stage and recovery through treatment is fully possible.

"While filming, Choi Sung Won noticed that his body felt strange and that he had bruises that would heal slower than usual. He went to the hospital for a checkup and received the diagnosis. In the case of acute leukemia, Choi Sung Won's doctor is of the opinion that the earlier the disease is discovered and treatment is begun, the higher the odds for a full recovery are, " Soompi learned from the official note provided by the production house.

Meanwhile the staffers of drama "Mirror of the Witch" are quite saddened after hearing the news of Sung Won's diagnosis and him leaving the show. The actor was one of the leading cast for the forthcoming drama.

"Choi Sung Won believed that he should not bring harm to the drama, and the staff also believed that he must focus on his treatment. Since he was one of the leading actors, the staff are disappointed, but decided to respect his actions because his recovery is the top priority," the statement concluded.

The first episode of "Mirror of the Witch" drama starring Yoon and actress Kim Se-ron will air on May 13 at 20:30 KST.