Ching Ping Lee - the Driving Force Behind Mola's Success in the Booming OTT Market

Ching Ping Lee

Indonesia's over-the-top (OTT) market has been snowballing in recent years, with the market size valued at $870.35 million in 2020 and projected to reach $16,386.82 million by 2031. This surge in demand has been driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has increased online video streaming. Mola, a Jakarta-based company founded in 2019, has taken advantage of this increased demand, thanks partly to its new Chief Technology Officer, Ching Ping Lee.

A Glimpse Into Ching Ping Lee's Achievements

Ching Ping Lee is a technically sophisticated and award-winning executive leader with over 20 years of dynamic experience leading engagements with potential and existing partners to source new business, inspire customer loyalty, and add positive change to the top and bottom lines.

In each of his professional roles, he has proven to have a keen aptitude for taking ownership of highly critical and visible projects and delivering optimal results in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment.

His proudest career achievements include spearheading the implementation of cost-reduction and containment strategies that resulted in a 30% decrease in operational costs while serving as CTO at Mola. He also championed a customer-centric culture that achieved and maintained 99.995% uptime for business during his tenure as Head of Technology & Engineering with Home Box Office.

Additionally, he pioneered a new business unit for training services at Motorola Solutions, resulting in an additional US$200K in annual revenue.

Leading Mola to Success

When Mola called in early 2021, Lee was ready for a new challenge. He knew Mola needed someone to match its long-term international expansion and technical excellence goals. He took on the role of Chief Technology Officer, and since then, he has been instrumental in driving the company's success.

Ching Ping Lee was a leader who was always ready for a new challenge. When an opportunity presented itself to become the Chief Technology Officer of Mola, a partner of HBO, he jumped at the chance. With a clear vision for the company's growth, Lee established technology partnerships to support Mola's expansion.

Despite the daunting task of rebuilding the company's technology from the ground up, Lee never wavered in his commitment to creating a platform that would better serve Mola's users. He understood that for the company to succeed, it was vital to assure rights holders while also improving the Quality of Experience for end users.

Lee's leadership was characterized by his focus on growth and his ability to simplify complex problems. He knew that by constantly improving the user experience, Mola would be able to retain customers in the long term. Through his tireless efforts, Lee guided Mola on a path to success and set the company on a regional and global expansion trajectory.