Chinese version of Running Man topped the viewership ratings in China

Chinese version of I Am a Singer show's Season 4 final episode earned 2.603 percent ratings.

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Running Man cast
Running Man cast.

China remakes of a lot of South Korean reality shows are all a huge success in the country. In 2016, out of twenty top reality shows in China, seven of them were conceptualized from the South Korean shows. According to the reports, the ranking was based on the viewership ratings and the ratings were at its peak during their run.

South Korea's popular variety show Running Man's Chinese version Hurry Up, Brother topped the reality show list. According to Yonhap News, the episode 11 of Season 3 that aired on Jan. 8, 2016 got viewership ratings of 4.701 percent while episode 5 of Season 4 which aired on May 27, 2016 got viewership ratings of 3.934 percent.

Apart from this, the Chinese version of I Am a Singer show's Season 4 final episode earned 2.603 percent ratings and nabbed the number 7 position. At number 14 was the Hidden Singer show which is a Chinese adaptation of a show on Korea's JTBC, which got with 2.083 percent ratings.

In China, it is considered that if any variety show receives more than one percent viewership it is very popular. It is mainly because in the country they need to compete with over 2,000 shows.

Due to political dispute between the two countries some Korean cultural products are restrained in Beijing. However, Chinese audience love Korean shows and it is very evident with the way they are adapting Korean shows and remaking them in Chinese. And, the Chinese adaptation of the Korean shows are a huge hit in the country as well.

Meanwhile, in the upcoming episode of South Korea's SBS variety show Running Man, the theme of the show will be that of a battle of the superpowers and the members of the show will represent characters like Thor, Master of Time and others.

This article was first published on January 29, 2017