Chinese rover captures new pictures of weird substance on moon

An artist's concept of the ARTEMIS spacecraft in orbit around the Moon

China's Yutu-2 lunar lander, which was launched on December 7, 2018 captured new images of a strange substance which was found near a crater on the far side of moon.

It should be noted that this robotic rover entered moon's orbit on December 12 last year, before landing on the moon's far side on January 3, 2019. In August, the scientists behind this lunar rover mentioned that they have discovered a "colored mysterious substance."

The rover's diary claimed that shape and color of the weird material "is significantly different from the surrounding lunar soil."

A recent post, released by the team, included the new images of the substance. But it should be mentioned that since the material was located in the middle of the lunar crater, it is quite difficult to reach.

As reported by, these new images were captured by lunar rover's obstacle-avoidance camera, which is fixed to make sure that the rover doesn't bump into anything on moon. The red and green shapes, which are visible in one of the images, are most likely artifacts of the rover's Visible and Near-Infrared Spectrometer.

Even though the astronomers don't know what exactly those are, experts claimed that the best guess would be piece of lunar glass that may have formed during a meteor impact.

Chinese researchers are expected to release more images and spectrometer readings of the mysterious substance. Currently the scientists are investigating the case and to continue that they have to wait for the sun to rise on lunar surface.

You can see the pictures here.

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