Chinese President asks military to prepare for war; is this an omen?

Xi Jinping
YouTube Screenshot

As Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are continuing their verbal war, Chinese President Xi Jinping has asked his military to prepare for a war. Xi Jinping addressed more than 7000 Chinese servicemen in Central Theatre Command on Wednesday and ordered his military forces to strengthen training and war preparedness.

China's stand still unclear

The new order from China is quite crucial, as political experts are still unable to predict China's stand if a war breaks out between the United States and North Korea.

"Here I give my orders: the military at all levels should strengthen military training and war preparedness. The military should continue to implement actual and joint trainings under combat conditions, and continue to conduct strict training in accordance with the Outline for Military Training and Evaluation," said Xi Jinping.

The Chinese President also asked his soldiers to hold training and competition with mass participation and to master the skills to fight and win against the enemies. After listening to the orders from the President, the world's largest army took the oath standing in front of the military flag.

China aiming global domination by 2020

The Chinese army is considered the largest in the globe with an estimated number of more than 23,00,000 military personals. On October 2018, Xi Jinping at the 18th Communist Party Congress said that his aim is to mold a new era for his nation. He also added that China will emerge as a global socialist superpower in the coming years.

As the President has ordered his soldiers to prepare for a war, the Chinese intention is becoming more clear. But where will they stand if a war breaks out, with the US or North Korea? If a world power like China stands with North Korea, other countries like Israel and India may back the US which may finally result in World War 3.