Chinese police nab smugglers with drugs in stomach

Singapore drugs
Picture for representation Reuters

Chinese police have busted a cross-border drug gang and arrested four smugglers from Myanmar who had swallowed 183 packets of drugs, authorities said on Sunday.

Police in Sichuan province carried out X-rays and discovered a number of thumb-size figures on their stomachs. Eventually, 183 plastic drug packets were recovered weighing a total of 916 grams, reports Xinhua news agency.

The drugs included heroin, methamphetamine and yaba (a stimulant composed of methamphetamine and caffeine), the police said.

The investigation found the four men had been asked smuggle the drugs from Myanmar to Chongqing and promised 260 yuan ($40) for each packet successfully transported.

So far, the police have seized more than 440 grams of methamphetamine, 26 grams of yaba, over 1 kg of heroin and eight guns.