Chinese New Year 2017: Top five things to do to get rid of bad luck

Chinese New Year 2017, the year of the Fire Rooster, will begin on 28 January.

Chinese New Year 2017
People watch a dragon dance during a celebration before the Chinese Lunar New Year, in Ankang, Shaanxi province, China Reuters

Chinese New Year 2017, the year of the Fire Rooster, will begin on 28 January. In Chinese tradition, the new year falls on a different date every year because it is calculated based on the lunar calendar, rather than the Gregorian one, where the new year begins on 1 January.

The lunar new year is extremely important in Chinese culture, in which the holiday is also known as the Spring Festival, and in China, seven days are designated as public holidays for Chinese New Year. Families gather from far and wide to celebrate together and launch a new, auspicious year by eating lucky foods, exchanging gifts and decorating homes.

According to Chinese traditions, there are many things you should not do on New Year's Day. Scroll down to take a look at Chinese New Year taboos that will affect your luck in 2017.

Don't wear black: It is a taboo for a person to wear black clothing, as it relates to death and mourning.

Don't eat porridge for breakfast: According to Chinese superstition, if a person eats porridge on the first day of the New Year, he or she is believed to face poverty for the whole year.

No washing hair: Chinese people believe that it is important not to wash their hair on the first day of the New Year as it may wash away one's luck.

Avoid sweeping garbage: According to Chinese traditions, sweeping garbage on New Year's Day is associated with sweeping the wealth away.

Do not use sharp objects: Using knives or scissors should avoided as they may cut off fortune.