Chinese New Year 2017: Malaysia Airlines advertising video wins hearts in China

The video titled "A truly Malaysian greeting" has received more than 750,000 views and more than 12,000 shares online.

Malaysia Airlines releases 'heart-warming' video ahead of Chinese New Year
A screenshot from Malaysia Airlines' Chinese New Year video.

Malaysia Airlines created a buzz online with its Chinese New Year Video of non-Chinese Malaysians offering New Year wishes in various Chinese dialects. The 1.41-minute video shows mostly Malays and Indians wishing Malaysians a very Happy Chinese New Year in Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien fluently.

The clip titled "A truly Malaysian greeting" was posted on Wednesday night on Malaysia Airlines' Facebook page and YouTube channel and as of noon on Friday it has received more than 750,000 views and more than 12,000 shares.

The video encouraged Malaysians to get together, return home and be with their family. "The richness of Malaysia begins with our people. Experience a truly Malaysian greeting this Chinese New Year," it said.

The video starts with a man by the name of Ashwin, who says that Chinese New Year is a unique festival celebrated by all. Next comes a Malay woman, who expresses hope that people should be able to travel more often during this festive season. An Indian man is also seen halfway through the video who is speaking excitedly about songs and clothing associated to Chinese New Year. At the end of the video, a Malaysia Airlines crew wishes a pleasant journey to those who are returning home.

The video has attracted scores of people and the netizens have been praising the national carrier for coming up with the brilliant concept of celebrating Malaysia's diversity.

Facebook user Lenny Carey posted: "I have never seen an ad that gives me constant goosebumps and thrills, I thought this has to be the winner. Come on, with all the Malaysians, the non-Chinese, speaking in few Chinese languages, in such amazing fluency, totally blows me away."

"This video is the epitome of beauty in simplicity! love the heart-warming wishes delivered by a inspiring potpourri of Malaysians with their multilingual prowess. A very Happy Chinese New Year to all involved in this ad [advertisement], and thank you Malaysia Airlines!," another Facebook user Michelle Tam wrote.

"Perfectly clear message: Cherishing the diversity in our people which is one of our nation's greatest assets. Malaysia, Truly Asia," posted Hisham Jahudi.

There were several Chinese Facebook users who were pretty impressed with the people starring in the ad as they noticed that they have better grasp of Mandarin and Chinese dialects than they do.

"Her Cantonese and his Hokkien is 100x more impressive than mine!" wrote Lynn Dhia. While another user, who goes by the name Victor Lau Wee Kiat wrote: "That Malay girl's Cantonese is way better than mine. Dunno where to hide face liao."

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