Chinese media faces probe for illegal streaming of Song-Song couple wedding

Reportedly, the event was covered by more than 20 Asian media agencies, and three of them floated drones over the venue to capture it live.

On October 31, few Korean and Chinese media houses came under the radar for invading the privacy during the wedding ceremony of actors Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul. Despite being a private event, these agencies flocked the venue with flashes and recorders—some even had a drone floating over the hotel to get a glimpse of the couple.

Among them, Chinese media house iFeng even streamed the entire event illegally through the social site Weibo. It has been reported that the event was shot with drones, which is strictly prohibited in major areas across Seoul due to the ongoing tension between South and North Korea. Reportedly, the event was covered by more than 20 Asian media agencies, of which three were to have floated drones over the venue.

According to eDaily Korea, the National Defence Command is currently investigating the situation and the Chinese agencies are likely to be charged with heavy penalties for invading the privacy of the citizens. The report stated, "Since Shilla Hotel falls under the no-fly zone, it is strictly prohibited for any drone activities. Taking national security and privacy invasion into account, NDC might impose penalties on these media agencies."

Joong Ki's agency Blossom Entertainment has already confirmed that they have not given permission or accepted any sponsorship for the wedding coverage. They further revealed that a Chinese media offered the SongSong Couple a whopping 15 Million KRW for covering the event but the 'Descendants of the Sun' actors firmly turned it down.