Chinese Security Guard Lured by Fake Job Ad Held Captive As 'Blood Slave' For Months by Gangsters

A Chinese security guard who was held captive as a "blood slave" in Cambodia for several months after being lured by a fake job advertisement has finally escaped earlier this month. According to reports, the man, whose surname is Li, managed to flee with the help of one of the gang members who had held him captive in the city of Sihanoukville. Due to the extraction of massive amount of blood from his body, Li had multiple organ failures and bruises on his arms from needles, according to Daily Mail.

Reports suggest that since being kidnapped in August 2021, the gang took 27 ounces of blood from Li, 31, each month. Speaking to the Beijing Youth Daily, Li revealed that he had been trafficked last June after he had gone to China's southwestern region of Guangxi seeking a job opportunity that was advertised for work as a nightclub bouncer.

Li claims he was sold off by a criminal gang for $18,500 to another gang in the Cambodian coastal city of Sihanoukville. He revealed the gang forcibly involved in various telemarketing fraud schemes.

Chinese Man Escapes
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Li said he was forced to become a 'blood slave' after he refused to participate in their fraudulent schemes. He also said that one of the gang members threatened they would sell him to organ harvesters if he refused to cooperate, according to reports.

The gang reportedly used electric prods to beat him and other men they had kidnapped. Li, who was working as a security guard in Shenzhen and Beijing before being kidnapped and trafficked, said there were at least seven other men in captivity with him in a large room.

Li said that the maximum quantity of blood was taken from him while others did not have their blood taken. That is because Li's blood type is O, which is a universal blood type, according to reports in the South China Morning Post.

"From top managers to HR staff [of this company] are all Chinese. They treat us coldly," the former security guard said ading that he and the other captives were treated by the gang as 'tools for making money'.

Li revealed the site where he was lured by a fake job advertisement on the Chinese online classifieds site -