Chinese Internet Users Coin New, Unique Names to Describe Donald Trump

During the US Presidential Election week, considering Donald Trump's reaction to the voting, many social media users compared him with Adolf Hitler

US President Donal Trump, his team and the family members have been storming the social media with allegations of "vote fraud" and the President himself tweeted "STOP THE COUNT". Trump's continuous efforts and baseless tweets have earned him several nicknames, but Chinese internet users have found unique names for the President.

The US is going through a crucial time which may lead the country to the same situation which is witnessed in 2000, during the contest between Al Gore and George W. Bush, and the 1876 election between Democrat Samuel Tilden and the Republican Rutherford Hayes.

After Trump's claim that the Democrats are trying to execute fraud to steal the election, the social media is also divided, and seeing the series of baseless tweets from the President, many compared him with Hitler and also called him a dictator.

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US President Donald Trump has some very unique nicknames Twitter

But Chinese internet users never called the President of the US by his official name. Instead, they created a list of alternative names that are used on social media and in daily conversation. Here are the most popular nicknames of Trump, used by the Chinese internet users.

Dong Wang

It can be translated to "the king of knowledge". This name was created after Trump said that "nobody knows the coronavirus better than me". This suggests that the Chinese internet users go through Trump's speeches and then found that he is a self-proclaimed expert of technology, science, windmills, ISIS, and architecture.

Te Mei Pu

This nickname means "very capricious", referring to Trump's frequent flip-flops on decisions that are usually announced via Twitter. For example, he wanted the counting to be stopped, but hours later he tweeted--"Where are the missing military ballots in Georgia? What happened to them?"

Chuan Pu

Trump had been called "Chuan Pu" by many in Chinese media which is a reference to the Sichuan accent—Sichuan is a southwest Chinese province that is known for its spicy food and pandas.

Chuan Jian Guo

It means "Trump Building the Nation". This sarcastic nickname became famous among Chinese internet users after the trade war between the US and China. However, some academics suggested that Trump's efforts into the trade war would push China into deeper economic reforms which will help the county.

Da Tong Ling

This nickname clearly means a "Great Commander". In the modern Chinese context, this nickname has a whiff of authoritarianism to it, as the name sounds like a leader of the army in ancient China's feudal dynasties.

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Donald Trump Twitter

Chuan Huang

This can be translated as 'Trump, the Emperor' that also conveys authoritarianism.

Chuan Zong

It means "Trump, the Boss". The name suggests that Trump's unique style to lead the US is the same as the way a businessman runs its company.

Chuan Bao

Less famous though this nickname means"Trump, the Baby" that bears some resemblance to the giant blimp depicting Donald Trump as a diaper-wearing baby, first appeared in 2018 in the UK.