Chinese heart attack victim throws out cash to grab attention: What happened next?

Chinese man
Representational image Pixabay

A Chinese man, who had a heart attack , wildly threw money to get attention, and finally, he received help from a policeman nearby. The incident that took place on Feb 24 happened outside a railway station in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, northern China.

Hebei Youth Daily reported that the Chinese man, who has been identified as Li, was running to procure tickets to visit his ill mother in Qinhuangdao. He suddenly had an extreme chest pain, before reaching out his medicine in the bag, he collapsed. The middle-aged man had reportedly undergone heart stent surgery in the past.

Li soon started coughing up blood and became totally tired. In the meantime, the man tried to open the bottles where he had kept his medicines, but his efforts went in vain. Soon, he started throwing money to attract the attention of people, and finally, a policeman noted his act.

The policeman soon approached Li to enquire what has happened to him. Initially, the police officer thought that he was heavily drunk but soon realized that something serious has happened to him.

"I initially thought he was probably drunk. It was only after I walked closer that I realized that things were more serious than that," said the policeman, South China Morning Post reports.

After giving medicines from the bottle, the policeman made sure that Li's condition is eased. He also called up the medical team for emergency care. The medical team made sure that the blood pressure of Li had gone to normal, and he is fit enough to leave the place.

Li informed the policeman that he has undergone two heart surgeries in the past, and the latest angioplasty was performed in 2017.

Heart stent surgeries are usually done to ensure that blood flows through the arteries without any obstruction, which will, in turn, help the patients from preventing a possible heart attack.

This article was first published on February 28, 2018