Chinese Government Pays $2 Billion to Vatican Annually, Says Whistleblower Guo Wengui

According to the exiled billionaire and political dissident, the Communist regime of China is secretly bribing the Holy See.

In an explosive revelation, Guo Wengui, a Chinese dissident living in exile, has said that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) makes an annual payment of $2 billion to Vatican, the headquarter of the Roman Catholic Church, to keep the latter silent on human rights abuses taking place under the communist regime.

Wengui claimed that the Xi Jinping-headed government has allocated funds for various countries to purchase their silence on the violation of fundamental rights in China. These countries include, apart from Vatican, Italy and Australia also.

"The Chinese Communist Party allocates 2 billion US dollars each year," Wengui told Breitbart, a right-wing media portal of USA headed by Steve Bannon, a former key advisor to President Donald Trump.

St. Peter's square
Serious allegations have been made against Vatican Wikimedia Commons

Beijing's dirty tricks

In an interview for the talk show War Room 2020, the billionaire-turned political dissident went on to make further shocking claims. He explained how Beijing uses three different levers to extract favourable deals from certain nations. This, according to him, is the 'BGY' formula.

BGY stands for Blue, Gold and Yellow respectively. These colours, in turn, signify three methods of getting people to toe the line that China's government wants. Blue denotes internet control, gold represents using money power to buy support and yellow is shorthand for using sexual favours for getting leverage over key people.

As Guo explained, "The trade volume between the CCP and Australia is about US $200 billion. Previously, one per cent was used for BGY, but it rose to five per cent. That is, US$ 10 billion was used for BGY."

Pope Francis
Pope Francis-led Vatican government signed an agreement with Beijing two years ago Wikimedia Commons

But Australia isn't the only country where the communist regime tries these tactics. They have allocated five percent for their trade with USA for BGY methods also, if Wengui is to be believed.

Cloud over Holy See

But it's the claim about Vatican that is most explosive. The Holy See is regarded as above politics and greed. If this claim comes out to be true, it could strip the highest seat of power in Roman Catholic Church of its moral authority.

What is well known is the fact that in 2018, the Chinese government and Vatican did sign a deal. This relates to the appointment of bishops in China. The contents of the deal remained secret but many media outlets had revealed that it was formally signed on September 22 of the year and allowed the Chinese government to play a role in the appointment of bishops in the country.

Earlier this year also, on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference, the foreign ministers of the two states had a meeting. After these claims, there would be a lot of pressure on Vatican to fully reveal the details of its agreement with China as well as give a clear reply as to whether the allegations are true or not.