Chinese couple arrested for massive flower heist in Shanghai Disneyland

Police says more than 10 suspects were detained since September in connection to flower theft near Disneyland.

Shanghai Disneyland now open for all its visitors
An ariel picture of the construction site of the Shanghai Disneyland Reuters

A Chinese couple was arrested after reportedly stealing 150kg of yellow chrysanthemums near Shanghai Disneyland, Chinese news outlets said.

The local police arrested the couple after they were informed about the series of damaged flowers planted along main roads in the Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone. The spot is located near the Disneyland.

After monitoring surveillance camera footage, police confirmed that the couple stole the planted chrysanthemums in the dead of night. Reports said one was collecting the flowers while the other one keeping an eye on the surrounding.

The police caught the suspects red-handed with sacks of yellow chrysanthemums in their van on October 25.

Online news outlet reported that the couple was not permanent residents in Shanghai. They told the police that spent 90 minutes pulling out 2,500 flowers. But, this was not the first time. The couple admitted that they stole the flowers on several other occasions in October.

They also said they had planned to sell the flowers in Hangzhou and other cities. According to the police, more than 10 suspects were detained since September in connection to theft of flowers worth 300,000 yuan (S$62,123) near Disneyland.