Chinese Child Actor Rong Zishan Says Drinking a Litre of Milk Everyday Helps him Grow Tall

Chinese child actor Rong Zishan, who is popularly known for his role as Zhu Chaoyang in the 2020 web series The Bad Kids, has said drinking a liter of milk every day helps him grow tall. According to him, his parents never thought he would grow so tall because they had average height.

The 15-year-old Home Sweet Home star is now six feet tall, and he believes that his mother played an important role in helping him grow tall. His mother always dreamt of seeing him tall than his parents, and once she took him to a doctor for medical advice. Though the doctor told her that he would be growing taller at 5.7 feet, it did not impress her. She wanted to see her son grow six feet tall.

Here is the Secret Diet Rong Zishan Follows to Grow Tall

Zishan's mother took extra care of him and made sure that he grows tall. The secret diet that he follows to grow tall is drinking a liter of fresh milk every day. His mother also made sure that her son gets proper rest and sleeps for 12 hours a day. As he grew old, his mother removed snacks from his diet. Her mother also discouraged him from having food with lots of sugar content.

The Bad Kids star is now part of a basketball team, and his mother wants to see him grow nearly 6.2 feet tall. She thinks that if he grows too tall, it could affect his acting career. He may struggle to get good roles in the future.

Rong Zishan
The 15-year-old Chinese child actor Rong Zishan is six feet tall. Facebook/Rong Zishan

Zishan entered the world of entertainment at the age of four through a commercial for KFC, and he became a winner of the Children's runway model show in 2014. His first big-screen project is the 2015 feature film Mountains May Depart, in which he portrayed a seven-year-old boy named Dollar Zhang. The film was part of the 2015 Cannes Film Festival competition section.

His first small-screen project is a political drama called Love And Hatred Of Snow, and he rose to popularity among the C-drama fans through the web series The Bad Kids. For his role as Zhu Chaoyang in the web series, he won the New Comer Award at the Busan International Film Festival 2020.

The actor is currently focussing on his upcoming small-screen projects, like The Answers Of Time, Snow Sword Stride, and The Rhapsody Of A Summer Dream.