Chinese calligraphy exhibition shows how Blockchain Tech is used in art

The Organizers of an exhibition of traditional Chinese calligraphy in New York City recently made use of blockchain technology to demonstrate to viewers the authenticity of the works on display. Aside from blockchain tech, the exhibition also employed VR (virtual reality) tech, to show viewers how different artists created their respective works of art.

South Korea
Photo courtesy of Korea Convention

The exhibition which took place at the Harvard Club (which is a private cultural society established in Midtown Manhattan) in New York City, prominently featured the works of one of China's most revered calligraphy artists - Tao Fo. Visitors who were curious about the authenticity of the works being attributed as that of the legendary Tao Fo's could verify their authenticity as data pertaining to every one of the artist's works on display had been uploaded to a blockchain system.

Hong-Based Blockchain Firm Behind The Exhibition

The blockchain system being used by the organizers of the remarkable exhibition was that of UBI Blockchain Internet Ltd, a Hong Kong-based blockchain and IoT firm that was established back in 2016. The company has reportedly been engaged in the development of various innovative blockchain applications for use in a variety of industries including finance, pharmaceuticals, food, art as well as the energy industry.

Why artists and art collectors love blockchain technology

The exhibition, which was a two-day event, was organized by the Harvard Wealth Strategy and Management LLC, in partnership with UBI Blockchain, ZiJinWanXiang, and the International Cultural Media Center. The blockchain system developed by UBI Blockchain works by equipping every work on display at the exhibition, with an individual, electronic identity that is completely tamper-proof as well as censorship-resistant. Inquisitive visitors could then scan the unique identities of each of these works, in the form of QR codes, using their smartphones, to avail detailed information on the authenticity and ownership, as well as style and technique of calligraphy employed by the artist.

Widespread Adoption Of Blockchain Tech Taking Place Globally

Albeit, this isn't the only instance of blockchain technology being used in a unique setting. The technology is being used for a variety of purposes across the globe, mostly to prove the legitimacy and authenticity of diverse products, to demonstrate transparency in the supply chains of various industries, and much more. The veterinary industry in the U.S is one of the latest, making efforts to institute their own blockchain system which will enhance their credential checking and eligibility verification measures.