Chinese ambassador to Israel Poisoned? Du Wei Death Post Pompeo Visit Sparks Conspiracy Theories

  • Chinese ambassador to Israel Du Wei was found dead in his Herzliya home

  • Several conspiracy theories now see a connection between Du Wei's mystery death after Pompeo's visit to Israel

  • Some also suspect Du Wei who previously served as ambassador to Ukraine was 'suicided'

Within hours after reports confirmed that the Chinese ambassador to Israel Du Wei was found dead in his home in Tel Aviv, speculations about the cause of his death and conspiracy theories are now doing the rounds on social media.

Du Wei was found dead in his Herzliya home on Sunday morning, a Foreign Affairs Ministry official confirmed, according to a Jerusalem Post that also added that the Police are currently in his home and investigating.

Du Wei
China's Ambassador To Israel Du Wei Found Dead Twitter

Some local reports claimed that the 57-year old ambassador Du Wei, who assumed his post as Ambassador to Israel in February 2020 in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic had died of a heart attack. An official confirmation is awaited.

Was Du Wei Poisoned?

There are some claims that are now doing the rounds on social media speculating the cause of death of the Chinese ambassador to Israel, Du Wei. There are speculations that Du Wei may have been poisoned.

"China's Ambassador to Israel Mr. Du Wei found dead in Tel Aviv. Poison attack possible. Israeli reports suggest he had a thorough medical check-up recently. No heart issue was reported. On May 14, he arranged a video conf. between Chinese & Palestinian medical experts on Covid-19," a Twitter user said.

Till the time, there is a full toxicology report such claims can not be confirmed independently.

Pompeo Israel Visit Sparks Conspiracy

The fact that Du Wei's death has come less than a week after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's visit to Jerusalem has conspiracy theories suspecting a link.

During his meeting with top Israeli officials, Pompeo openly criticized China's actions during the coronavirus pandemic. The US Secretary also asked Israeli leaders to stop signing major infrastructure and communications deals with Chinese companies, CNN reported.

Mike Pompeo's anti-China statement was later condemned by Du Wei.

A social media user speculated on a possible connection between firing of the State Dept IG and the Chinese ambassador to Israel Du Wei's sudden death.

"Pompeo requested the firing of the State Dept IG because he was digging into rumors Kushner setup a meeting between Pompeo and a questionable individual in Israel. The meeting revolved around activities to be carried out against the Chinese Ambassador there. Now Du Wei is dead?," a user posted on Twitter.

Ukraine connection

Ambassador Du Wei assumed his current role in Israel in February 2020 and he immediately had to enter two weeks of mandatory self-quarantine on his arrival. Before that he served as an ambassador to Ukraine.

There are now conspiracy theories that "smell" a connection.

"What I didn't know, until now, was that Amb Du Wei was the envoy for Ukraine from 2016 til Feb 2020. The US and China had clashes over Ukraine recently, not to mention Trump's extortion of Ukraine. And now he is deceased, in Israel, after the quick visit by Pompeo to Israel," a social media user tweeted.

Another Twitter user said: "This Chinese ambassador Du Wei previously served in Ukraine. Any chance he was "suicided" because Ukraine is DS hub for child trafficking & corruption? Too many BIG NAME Cabals & their adult children involved in Ukraine."