China's Z-10ME: Beijing's New Fighter Helicopter Made For Pakistan Is Exact Replica of America's Apache Chopper

Recent pictures of China's Z-10ME assault helicopter have shocked the netizens as the chopper looks an exact replica of America's Apache helicopter. The Z-10ME, which reports claim is the export variant of China's attack helicopter, is believed to be delivered to Pakistan.

Chinese military observer posted a photo of the Z-10ME, a modified export variant of the Z-10 attack helicopter, on Twitter. The new configuration was seen alongside the old one for a visual comparison. According to the expert, the image was taken from Chinese social media Weibo, reported Eurasian Times.

China’s Z-10ME helicopter
China’s Z-10ME helicopter Twitter

Z-10ME Is Advanced Version of Z-10

"A new and so far clearest image of the Z-10ME has been revealed showing all the latest additions," posted a Twitter user who claims to be a China military aviation researcher, book author and China news reporter.

Posting comparative pictures of Z-10 and Z-10ME, a Twitter user @HenriKenhmann wrote, "The Z-10ME attack helicopter, export version of Z-10, continues to evolve and above all become heavier. Here the prototype (?) "02". Compared to "001", "02" makes at least 11 apparent changes. The details are missing but it nevertheless suggests an improved motorization."

Z-10ME Could Be Delivered To Pakistan

The Z-10ME is believed to be delivered to Pakistan, which in early January canceled the plan to purchase Turkey's T129 attack helicopter and opted for China's Z-10ME.

Pakistan Army spokesman Major Gen Babar Iftikhar made the announcement on 5 January.

"As far as the Turkish deal is concerned, we have moved on," Iftikhar said during a press conference when asked whether the contract was still intact. He said negotiations were under way with China to procure new Z-10ME attack helicopters, according to Janes.

The six-ton-class Z-10ME can fly with high maneuverability at very low altitudes, making it able to provide strong firepower while maintaining high survivability. It can carry various types of guided and unguided air-to-air and air-to-ground munitions and is capable of fighting both day and night, according to an old report by Air Recognition.

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This article was first published on August 6, 2022