China's Communist Party's Biggest Target for Infiltration in Europe Is UK, Warns Expert

The expert mentioned that the CCP has been giving job offers in Chinese firms to the ex-British government workers

The East Asian nation China has infiltrated Britain in a much more successful manner than they have invaded any other country in Europe, an expert warned. Author Mareike Ohlberg, who has the credit for writing about the underhand tactics of the nation's Communist Party, mentioned that the attempts to groom the leading figures who are in business and politics were at an advanced stage in the UK.

The writer of Hidden Hand said, " There has been a tremendous amount of work in getting elites over to the CCP side. To me, the UK has always stood out for the very advanced stage of elite capture compared to other European countries," as reported by the Daily Mail. While speaking at a virtual debate that was organized by the US Embassy in London and also the Henry Jackson Society, she also said that the CCP has been giving job offers in Chinese firms to the ex-British government workers.

China Infiltrated UK

China flag

The expert warned about the many high-profile individuals who are linked to the China's 'united front' underground diplomacy network and are rooted in the UK where they try to influence politicians. According to her, companies like Huawei have been successful in Britain by making local stakeholders.

She added, "Until last year, it was incredibly rare to hear anyone in the establishment challenge the golden era consensus that if post-Brexit Britain is to succeed it absolutely needs China." The expert further said the officials and politicians of the UK need to be aware of China's influence operations.

Matthew Henderson, who is from the Henry Jackson Society and also an ex-British diplomat in China, stated, "China had locked on to the way the British establishment works. China is basically replicating that. It has found vanities, it has found greed, it has found a sense of coziness, people who like wearing funny robes and hats and free trips to China."

In recent times, British ministers also feared of a cyberattack by China due to the series of diplomatic fallout lately. Moreover, after the UK's decision of banning the China-based Huawei, the European nation needs to be much more cautious with its activities.