China: Woman at Mall has Meltdown After Finding She Has Coronavirus, Shoppers Grab Kids and Run [VIDEO]

The woman was eating a restaurant inside Wanda Plaza in Beijing when she received the call from local health authorities

A viral video from China has emerged that shows a woman at a Beijing mall having a meltdown after she was informed over the phone that she was coronavirus positive.

One of the viral videos shows the woman, who now has been identified by only her first name Xie, was heard screaming over her phone while crying uncontrollably after she was informed the results of her nucleic acid test had come positive for COVID-19 causing coronavirus.

Beijing woman meltdown inside mall

The woman was reportedly eating a restaurant when she received the call from the local health authorities who asked her to immediately separate herself from the crowd and come out of the mall to an area isolated by the police till the health workers arrived on the scene.

As the woman cried uncontrollably into the phone, a few shoppers who realized the situation immediately grabbed their kids and were seen making a dash for the exit.

Another set of videos shared on social media shows the distressed woman later sitting alone outside the mall, still sobbing, before a health worker walked up to her and escorted to a waiting ambulance.

The video also shows the local Shijingshan police cordoning the area around the woman before the ambulance arrived to fetch her.

The video of the incident that took place at Wanda Plaza in the Shijingshan district of Beijing was widely shared on social media platforms including Weibo where the Chinese severely criticized the woman's behavior.

The Weibo users also raised questions on how the woman was able to leave her community without being questioned. Others wanted to know if the coronavirus positive woman was from a high-risk zone. There were also comments on social media that claimed that "People in China are extremely fearful of the virus due to the inhumane quarantine measures."

According to local reports, the woman identified as Xie is now undergoing treatment at a hospital while the health authorities have sent her close contacts for quarantine. The Beijing mall has been disinfected and the authorities are collecting samples from everyone who had visited the mall.

Staff at the Wanda plaza told the Global Times that the woman who later tested positive for coronavirus was allowed into the mall as her QR health code did not show her as positive while her body temperature were normal.