China Slams US after Biden's Summit, calls US Democracy 'Weapon of Mass Destruction'

China Launches Fresh Attack on US after Biden's Summit, calls US Democracy 'Weapon of Mass Destruction'

China, on Saturday, launched a fresh diplomatic attack on the US, saying that the American Democracy was nothing, but 'Weapon of Mass Destruction'. A day after President Joe Biden's two-day 'Summit for Democracy' came to an end, Beijing issued the strong statement, accusing the US President of stoking Cold War-era ideological divides. It may be noted that China, Russia, Hungary and some other countries were left out of the virtual Summit organized by President Biden.

A senior spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said: "'Democracy' has long become a 'weapon of mass destruction' used by the US to interfere in other countries." He also blasted Washington DC for having 'instigated color revolutions' on foreign soils. The Chinese ministry official claimed that President Biden's 'Summit for Democracy' was aimed at drawing "lines of ideological prejudice, instrumentalize and weaponize democracy", inciting "division and confrontation". At the same time, he made it clear that Beijing would "resolutely resist and oppose all kinds of Pseudo-Democracies".

Xi Jinping
Chinese President Xi Jinping called food waste shameful as he aims to pass the new law Wikimedia Commons

According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry official, the US is actually trying to reduce Democracy to a tool and a weapon in order to establish its hegemony. The spokesperson reportedly said that Washington DC sought to thwart democracy under the pretext of democracy, and to divert the global attention from its internal problems. He further said that the Biden Administration was trying hard to preserve the US Hegemony over the world, undermining the international system with the UN at its core. "This move by the US goes against the trend of the times, and has been widely opposed by the international community," stressed the spokesperson.

The Chinese official believes that the US is not a "Beacon of Democracy", as the American-style democracy had already deviated from the essence of Democracy. Hence, it has triggered various problems, like money politics, identity politics, partisanship, political polarization, social division, racial tension and the wealth gap. He called the US Democracy a "money-based game for the rich", with candidates with greater financial support winning 91% of Congressional Elections.

Xi Jinping and Joe Biden
Joe Biden wants to support Asian allies to corner China Wikimedia Commons

Ahead of the summit, China had criticized US Democracy as 'corrupt' and a 'failure'. Beijing also claimed that that its Authoritarian One-Party System was another form of Democracy. Even after the Summit, China keeps launching diplomatic attacks on the US.

Meanwhile, the US has repeatedly announced that it has no plan to get engaged in another Cold War with China. As tensions between the two largest economies of the world have increased in recent years over various issues, including trade and technological competition, Human Rights, Xinjiang and Taiwan, experts have said that these are the signs of a Cold War.