China Shoots Down Inter Continental Ballistic Missile; Releases Clip To Showcase its Military Abilities Ahead of A Major Communist Party Gathering (VIDEO)

China reportedly shot down an intercontinental ballistic missile in a recent test. The missile interception test was carried out within China, according to a media report.

China carried out a land-based mid-course missile interception test within its territory, which has achieved its expected purpose, according to the Ministry of National Defense, tweeted Global Times.

China missile test
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Land-Based Mid-Course Missile Interception Test

However, the state media failed to clarify the exact time and the location of the test. The clip released by the Chinese authorities appears to showcase its military abilities days before a key Communist Party meeting.

Defense Ministry Announced The Test in June

The 23-second clip released on a social media account affiliated with the Chinese military on Friday evening did not identify the time and location of the test, but it referred to an announcement by the defense ministry in June that a missile test had been carried out, according to SCMP.

Video Is Part of A Documentary On Chinese Military

The defense ministry had stated that a midcourse missile was tested within China's borders and "achieved its objective". It also pointed out that the test was for self-defense and did not aim at any foreign power.

The new clip is said to be part of a documentary about the achievements of the Chinese military in recent years. Song Zhongping, a former People's Liberation Army instructor, stated that those clips were for celebrating the national anniversary [on October 1] and the upcoming Communist Party congress.

China has so far conducted six anti-ballistic missile tests since 2010.

Beijing also carried out similar mid-course anti-ballistic missile (ABM) technical tests in 2010, 2013, 2014, 2018, and 2021 to demonstrate the reliability of the country's anti-ballistic missile umbrella. It was not disclosed in which interception phase the test in 2014 was carried out. The remaining six were carried out in the mid-course phase, according to Eurasian Times.

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This article was first published on October 9, 2022