China School Stabbing: Video shows Blood-soaked Kids Rushed to Wuzhou Hospital after Man Stabs 39

  • Most of the school children injured in the knife attack are six-year-old

  • The attacker, who is in his 50s, worked as a security guard in the school

  • The condition of two adults stabbed by the security guard is said to be critical

Thirty-seven school children and two adults were injured after the security guard at a school in China went on a stabbing spree. A heartbreaking video of the incident shows kids as young as six covered in blood being rushed to the hospital.

As per local reports, the man, who is in his 50s went on a stabbing spree at around 8.30am at the Wangfu Town Central Primary School in the city of Wuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

A video of the incident shows young students, being rushed out of an ambulance soaked in blood. According to the police, in the knife attack, a total of 39 people were injured. Initial reports said that the condition of the school principal, a security guard, and a young student was critical.

Chian school stabbing

A report later released by the local town committee said that only the two adults had sustained critical injuries.

No details have been released on what prompted the alleged attacker who has been identified as Li Xiaomin, a 50-year-old security guard who worked at the school to go on a stabbing spree.

Several videos show ambulances arriving at the hospital with wounded children. A total of eight ambulances were rushed to the incident site to bring the wounded to the Wuzhou city hospital and various health centers in Wangfu, the report said.

Most of the students injured in the knife attack are preschoolers most of them were six-year-old.

The local reports said that since the police station was located only 100 meters from the school, they were able to rush to spot quickly, and hence a major tragedy was averted.

An eyewitness who lives close to school told The pigeon Express that he heard loud screams coming out of the school at around 8.30 am and when he rushed inside, he saw several children running out of the school. A parent whose son studies in the same school said that he rushed to the school after he was informed about the knife attack. But luckily for him, his son was injured but the boy is "shaken" the father said.