China wants to bring in supply side reforms to the agricultural sector and ensure grain security in the country, President Xi Jinping said on Tuesday.

"Advancing the supply-side structural reform is a tough battle," the president said, calling for practical efforts to win the battle, including improving basic public services, and fixing shortcomings in the people's livelihood.

The President said ensuring grain security is a priority for the state, and added that policies related to that should be examined and improved, and production capacity should be viewed as the fundamental issue.

Xi said innovative ways of working, improved livelihood and modern agricultural practices are necessary to give the people more sense of benefits.

He asked to strengthen agricultural benefits and competitiveness, improve agricultural production structure on the basis of market demand, and develop modern agriculture with the support of science and technology.

Xi expressed his comments while talking to a group of deputies to the National People's Congress from Hunan Province.

The experts gave their opinions on innovation-driven development, international productivity cooperation, poverty alleviation, supply-side structural reform and environmental protection, a Xinhua report showed.