China: Man files false robbery case to avoid paying cheque to wife

A man from China's Zheijang province alleges false robbery in order to hinder giving money to his wife, unfortunately landing himself into trouble after his sly act is revealed in the traffic camera footage.

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A man lodged a false police complaint portraying himself as a victim of robbery only to avoid tossing over his pay cheque to his wife. The complaint by the man, however, came as a boomerang for the police were adept enough at detecting his slyness. The traffic camera footage exposed the man's activities in and out.He has been apparently kept in police custody for 10 days.

"He said his wife is always asking for money whenever he gets paid," said detective Chen Xi.

"Sometimes he'd say he had lost it, or that he had spent it all."

Following probable information, the man surnamed Cai is from Hangzhou in eastern China's Zhejiang province. He was kept confined for 10 days with a hefty fine of 500 yuan (S$103), which was lashed at him for his imprudent act.

Reports in the Global Times on Monday, September 11 suggests that Cai had walked into the local police station on August 31 alleging to have been robbed, while returning home from work on his electric bicycle.

Surprisingly, on being questioned about the robbery, the man projected no act of emotional turmoil that someone devastated and looted completely might promote.

The review of the traffic camera footage ruined his possibilities of fooling the police as the footage did not disclose any such acts of robbery.

Cai finally divulged his main motive behind unfolding a fraudulent act. Apparently, his unwillingness in handing over money to his wife led him to portray an act of dishonesty.