China develops world's first amphibious tank

China has developed the world's first amphibious tank which is capable of traveling at higher speeds in both land and water

Chinese amphibious tank
Representational Image Pixabay

The Chinese state media has revealed that the country has developed the world's first amphibious assault tank capable of travelling at higher speeds in both land and water. With the development of this new military vehicle, China has loudly proclaimed that they are one of the unquestionable armed forces in the world.

The news of Chinese amphibious tank development came just a month after the country made a secretive missile delivery craft, known as the DF-ZF which could travel at a speed of 12,300 kilometers per hour.

All you need to know

According to a report by the Chinese Central Television, this armed tank named VN 18 can travel at a speed of 65 kilometers per hour in the land, and 30 kilometers per hour in water. This is for the first time that a country is developing a tank which can travel at such a high speed.

If reports are true, then this tank can carry three drivers and eleven soldiers in it. It is also equipped with a machine gun, a cannon, and an anti-tank missile. The 1,600-horsepower tank also has smoke grenades and other deadly weapons in it. The tank is expected to emerge as an asset for the Chinese army during military encounters both on land and water. Weighing more than 26.5 tonnes, this Chinese assault tank is billed as the country's magical weapon by the Chinese Central Television State.

Who built this amphibious tank?

Nornico Group, the state-owned weapon manufacturer in China has made this tank. The entire tank is built with aluminum alloys which will add up the entire durability of the military vehicle.

Zhang Wenhui, the Deputy General Manager of the Nornico Group, told the CCTV that VN18 is the fastest amphibious assault vehicle ever made in the world. Zhang also revealed that only the United States and China has amphibious assault tanks in their arsenal. Zhang also made it clear that the amphibious tanks in the United States are not that fast as the Chinese.

"Only United States has assault amphibious tanks like us. Although the United State has them, their armies are not equipped with them. Even though the US tried to make faster amphibious tanks, they failed," told Zhang Wenhui to the Chinese Central Television.