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The Novel Coronavirus which caused the COVID-19 has infected more two million people in the world and killed over 130,000 individuals. It first emerged in China's Hubei Province but later changed its epicentre to Italy and now to New York.

China implemented several safety measures to combat the Coronavirus outbreak in the country, including thermal checkups in public places and lockdown. As of now, China reported more than 83,000 infection cases.


China's imported cases of Coronavirus rose to 1,566 and the death toll jumped to 4,632 with a 50 percent spike in fatality figures from Wuhan... Read More


China's coronavirus epicentre Wuhan on Friday abruptly raised its death toll by 50 percent, saying many fatal cases were "mistakenly reported" or missed entirely which brings the total number of deaths in the city to 3,869 from 1,290... Read More


Chen Qiushi, Fang Bing and Li Zehua are missing since February...Read More


US President Donald Trump says officials investigating whether virus came from Wuhan lab... Read More


Six days after top Chinese authorities understood that they are probably facing a pandemic due to the new Coronavirus, they kept it as a secret from citizens... Read More


China reported on Thursday fewer new COVID-19 cases involving travellers arriving from abroad, but locally transmitted infections rose, with Beijing seeing new local cases for the first time in more than three weeks... Read More


China reported on Wednesday a decline in new confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in the mainland, but an increasing number of local transmissions in its far northeast bordering Russia became a concern for authorities... Read More


China's new COVID-19 cases rise to a near six-week high as a total of 108 new coronavirus cases were reported on Sunday.


US accused Chinese authorities of "xenophobia" toward Africans who are currently living in the Asian country... Read More


China reported 99 new coronavirus infections on April 11.


The National Health Commission said 46 new cases were reported on Friday, including 42 involving travellers from abroad... Read More


Stigmatization of China will not get any backing, said the Foreign Ministry, as a response to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's interview, where he accused China of lacking transparency in dealing with COVID-19.

"China has done what we can and should do," said Spokesman Zhao Lijian... Read More


US lawmakers urged China to shut down wet markets.


China reported 42 new Coronavirus cases on April 9.


China released new measures to try and prevent asymptomatic "silent carriers" of coronavirus from causing a second wave of infections... Read More


Hong Kong said social-distancing restrictions including the closure of some bars and pubs, as well as a ban on public gatherings of more than four people would be extended until April 23.


Around 55,000 people are expected to leave Wuhan by train on Wednesday while over 10,000 travellers have left the city by plane so far as flights resume at Wuhan Tianhe airport... Read More


China has ended its lockdown of Wuhan, the epicentre of the Coronavirus outbreak, as the city of Hubei province reemerges from a deadly outbreak that is now raging across the globe...Read More


China reported 39 new coronavirus cases as of Sunday, April 5 while the number of asymptomatic cases also surged... Read More


Flight details showed that 430,000 people boarded flights from China and landed in US since the virus surfaced... Read More


Mainland China again sees rise in new coronavirus cases, as authorities reported 30 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, April 4.


As of Sunday, China reported 82,574 Coronavirus cases... Read More


China said all clinical research projects on the deadly Novel Coronavirus that are already underway should be reported to the authorities or face being halted.


On Saturday China mourned the thousands of "martyrs" who have died in the COVID-19 outbreak, flying the national flag at half-mast throughout the country and suspending all forms of entertainment... Read More

This article was first published on April 2, 2020
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