China Coronavirus: LIVE update

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The Novel Coronavirus which caused the COVID-19 has infected more two million people in the world and killed over 206,000 individuals. It first emerged in China's Hubei Province but later changed its epicentre to Europe.

China implemented several safety measures to combat the Coronavirus outbreak in the country, including thermal checkups in public places and lockdown. As of now, China reported more than 83,000 infection cases.


Countering complaints of defective rapid testing kits, Chinese firm Wondfo Biotech said that variations in results could be due to the timing of the tests as it is an important factor in determining accuracy.


China will focus testing for Coronavirus on high-risk groups such as people from infected areas or with symptoms, the head of a top state research institute said on Monday.


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China reports three new mainland coronavirus cases on April 26, two imported.


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China's National Health Commission on Friday stated that six new confirmed coronavirus cases, two imported and four domestically transmitted, were reported in the country on Thursday.


China supplied nearly 400 tonnes of coronavirus-related medical supplies including RT-PCR test kits, Rapid Antibody Tests, PPE kits and thermometers to India.


China reports 10 new coronavirus cases in mainland.


US state of Missouri on Tuesday sued China over the COVID-19 coronavirus, seeking damages for what it described as deliberate deception and insufficient action to stop the pandemic.


Hong Kong has not recorded any new COVID-19 cases for the first time in nearly two months.


China reported 12 new confirmed coronavirus cases on April 19, down from 16 a day earlier, with no new deaths.


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Nobel winning French professor Luc Montagnier claimed that the novel Coronavirus was created inside a lab and it was originated during the attempt to manufacture a vaccine for AIDS virus in Wuhan.

This article was first published on April 19, 2020
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