China claims that all Coronavirus clinical research must get registered

The coronavirus outbreak has claimed the lives of around 59,000 people and has spread to over 170 countries

The government of China has stated that all clinical research projects on the deadly novel coronavirus or COVID-19 that are already underway should be reported to the authorities or face being halted.

Coronavirus crisis


A notice posted on the ministry of science and technology's website late on Friday said all such projects had to be registered with relevant medical and health administrative departments within three working days. It added the move was aimed at standardising research for medicines to treat COVID-19, which has led to more than 3,300 deaths in the country where the pandemic began.

The coronavirus outbreak has created a major stir in the world claiming the lives of around 59,000 people while infecting more than one million around the world. The virus which originated from the city of Wuhan of Hubei province of China is spreading like wildfire.

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