China busts child pornography racket with US help; University student arrested

While Sun has been sentenced to 18 months in jail, others are being questioned by the police.

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A child pornography racket involving more than 30 underage girls has been busted by police in China, officials said. Police said shocking videos showing molestation and rape of minor girls were retrieved.

After the initial investigation, it was revealed that hundreds of videos showing young girls being abducting and forced into sexual acs were uploaded on the dark web, which is inaccessible through conventional search engines, by the child pornography ring. Moreover, it was also reported by Jinghua Times that the horrific videos were accessed more than 20,000 times by Internet users.

According to the news agency the videos filmed by this Chinese pornography racket shows at least 30 young girls being abducted by men on motorbikes and then being raped after being taken to unknown locations. However, the police suspect, from the language spoken and the surroundings seen, that some of the videos were shot in China's neighbourhoods.

"Seeing so many children forced into such a nightmare at such a young age makes every one of our police officers involved in the case extremely angry and sad," said officer Zhang Min, as reported by The Straits Times.

Police arrest mastermind

The police have also detained the primary suspect, identified by the surname Sun. The second year student at a Beijing University was arrested after police got the tip-off from the US Homeland Security Department. According to Xinhua, the department informed a large amount of child pornography has been uploaded on the dark web by Chinese Internet users.

It was also reported that police found three terabytes of pornography, including 400 gigabytes of child porn, in Sun's procession.

During questioning Sun also revealed to the police that he often uploaded the videos on foreign porn websites in exchange of videos that he never came across in China. He also said that he used, purchased and distributed child pornography via instant messaging groups such as QQ, as well as via cloud drives.