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Nine people including the chairman of Hebei Yineng Tower Engineering have been detained by Chinese police in connection with the collapse of the plant construction project that killed 74 people in eastern Jiangxi province.

Hebei Yineng Tower Engineering is the company which was responsible for the building of the project, Xinhua news agency reported. However, the company declined to make any comment on the arrest.

It was reported that last week 13 people were taken into custody in connection with the collapse but police have not revealed what happened to the other four people. The accident happened at around 7 am on 24 November at a power plant's cooling tower in Fengcheng when the entire construction platform collapsed following a tower crane collapse.

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China is maligned by deadly industrial accidents despite a central government-ordered drive to upgrade safety in factories, power plants and mines.

In October, an explosion caused by "illegal production and storage of explosives" killed 14 people and wounded nearly 150 at a factory in the Northwestern town of Xinmin in Shaanxi.