The troops of China used 'microwave' weapons for forcing Indian soldiers to retreat by making them violently sick during a stand-off at the Himalayas, a professor has mentioned. The electromagnetic weapons that cook the human tissue of enemy troops converted the mountain tops into a microwave oven and made the Indian soldiers vomit, international studies expert Jun Canrong told students in Beijing, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The microwave weapons heat water molecules in the same method as the kitchen appliance, targeting the water below the skin and causing rising amounts of pain to the target for ranges of around 0.6 miles away. Jin said the forces of China 'beautifully' executed the move that cleared out the Indian army without any violation of the ban on gunfire.

China India Stand-off

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As per The Times, the weapons were deployed in August, weeks after a deadly fight involving the rocks and clubs that claimed the lives of at least 20 soldiers and brought the two nations closer to war. Jin told his students that within 15 minutes of the weapons getting deployed, the army occupying the hilltops started to vomit. "They couldn't stand up, so they fled. This was how we retook the ground," he said.

The Chinese forces decided to use the weapons as the altitude was very high to fight against a team of Tibetan mountaineering specialists, as per the professor. While the US has also made microwave-style weapons, the alleged use of the weapon by China might be the first against any enemy troops. The weapon works by heating the water below the skin to painful temperatures forcing people out of the area.

The sensation was described as equivalent to touching a hot lightbulb and overexposure can cause vomiting and headaches. The tools are called 'microwave' as they have a similar type of effect. The news of the alleged use of the weapon in the Himalayas comes as both the countries discuss methods of de-escalating the tensions.