Chin Swee Road death case; discovered cooking pot may contain human remains

Police report
Police (Representational picture) Pixabay

The Singapore police were alerted to an unnatural death case in Block 52 Chin Swee Road on Tuesday, September 10, almost two weeks after the residents noticed a strong and weird smell in the corridor. The officers are currently investigating if the contents found in a cooking pot from the one-room flat are human remains.

As per the Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao, investigators are currently suspecting that a human foetus might have been cooked in the pot which was found inside the HDB flat. After this gruesome discovery, for the past three days, the police is interviewing all the neighbours.

However, pictures of the unit show one door secured with a padlock but it should be mentioned that a red book with religious text was spotted on the top of the gate.

A resident on the eighth storey told the police that there had been a strong smell in the corridor for two weeks. They had no idea what was happening inside that flat so they called for police assistance.

When police started the investigation, they asked her if she knew who lived in the unit but she could not say anything with surety. Meanwhile, other residents told the investigators that they believe the flat had been rented out illegally.

A 68-year-old unnamed woman said that a couple with young children had lived in the unit previously but earlier this year they moved out. In addition, she mentioned that a man who is in her 30s rented the flat a few months ago and used to live alone.

As per the police, even though they don't have a lead, the investigators are currently looking for a couple.

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