Chilling Video Shows Dead Bodies Lying at Ukraine's Kramatorsk Railway Station; People Fleeing Area After Russian Missile Attack

Chilling videos from Ukraine's Kramatorsk railway station have appeared on the internet showing a number of dead bodies lying on the platform and people rushing to leave the station.

Videos show bodies lying among children's prams and abandoned luggage at the station. Workers were seen putting bodies into green bags at the site.

Kramatorsk's station

The wreckage of a large missile was also seen in the video. The wreckage was lying outside the station and Russian texts were written on it, which read, "For (our) Children".

Vehicles parked in a nearby area were burnt while a train's windows were shattered following the attack.

Emergency workers and fire brigade vehicles had rushed to the scene to douse flames and evacuate civilians. Most of the civilians' luggage was abandoned at the platform as either some of them were killed in the attack while some others left the site in hurry.

Kramatorsk's station
Train standing at Kramatorsk's station after Russia's missile attack Twitter

Tochka-U missiles Hit The Station

Two Russian rockets hit Kramatorsk railway station, killing over 30 people and injuring 100 others. A Soviet-era Tochka-U missile was used in the attack.

Kramatorsk's Mayor has revealed that there were nearly 4,000 people at the station during the attack.

Kramatorsk's railway station is situated at the center of the town, which has 1,50,000 residents.

Russia Denies Attack

Russia has denied the attack and stated that the missile used in the strike was used by the Ukrainian military. Russia also claimed that Ukraine used a similar missile on March 14 in the Donetsk region that killed at least 17 people.

Kramatorsk's station
Kramatorsk's station after Russia's missile attack Twitter

But images that appeared on the internet have shown that the missile was painted green while Ukrainian missiles are painted grey.

Meanwhile, a Russian commander has stated that the attack was the result of provocation.

Kramatorsk railway station
Kramatorsk railway station after Russia's missile attack Twitter

Eduard Basurin, Donetsk separatist commander, said that the attack on the Kramatorsk railway station was the result of Ukrainian provocation.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky decried the attack on Instagram saying, "[Russian forces] are cynically destroying the civilian population. This is an evil that has no limits. And if it is not punished, it will never stop."