Chilling Video Captures Moment Gunman Opens Fire at Pittsburgh Airbnb Party That Killed 2 Juveniles [WATCH]

The video, posted online by KDKA editor Ed Thompson, shows teenage partygoers arguing in the footage before one man shouts, "He's got a gun, he's got a gun, get the f*** down."

A chilling video has emerged that shows the moment hundreds of partygoers flee the scene after a gunman opens fire at a massive Airbnb party in Pittsburgh on Sunday where two juveniles were killed and nine others were seriously wounded. Some of the revelers can be seen in the video jumping out of windows to escape the gunfire.

When the incident occurred about 12:30 a.m., more than 200 persons, many of whom were under the age of 18, were inside the Airbnb apartment, according to Pittsburgh police. At least one of the gunshot victims was as young as 14 years old, Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert said Sunday during a press conference.

Spine-Chilling Moment

The video, posted online by KDKA editor Ed Thompson, shows teenage partygoers arguing in the footage before one man shouts, "He's got a gun, he's got a gun, get the f*** down."

The video shows the massive crowd in the standing-room-only party seemingly attempting to shuffle out of the AirBnB after realizing the violence was imminent. The pandemonium last for several minutes as people rush for cover. "He's bout to shoot!" the person shooting the video exclaimed. "We gotta go."

As the unnamed gunman begins shooting, the person shooting the video could be heard urging others to flee the scene as he, too, runs down the stairs of an apartment at the intersection of Suismon Street and Madison Avenue in Pittsburgh's North Side, before stumbling over others.

Airbnb shooting
People seen fleeing the moment the gunman opens fire at the party Twitter

Some of the partygoers can be seen jumping out of the windows to save themselves form the gunman.

More than 200 people were inside the property on Pittsburgh's north side, with many of them being minors, according to investigators. According to authorities, two male gunshot victims under the age of 18 died in the hospital. According to Schubert, one of the victims was as young as 14.

Investigation On

According to Pittsburg police, at least 50 shots were fired. The city's department of public safety released a statement that said, "As many as 50 sounds were fired inside, prompting some party-goers to jump out the windows, sustaining injuries such as broken bones and lacerations. Several more shots were fired outside the home."

However, officials claimed during a press conference Sunday afternoon that they now estimate a total of 90 rounds were fired in the "very chaotic scene," as Schubert characterized it.

Airbnb shooting
People running for cover as gunfire erupts at the mas party Twitter

No arrests were immediately reported, but Schubert said "it is our top priority to find out who did this and get them off the street." Schubert said police believe there were multiple shooters.

Officers from Pittsburgh Zone 1 informed WTAE that they were called to the location early on Easter Sunday after receiving multiple ShotSpotter alarms. By the time police arrived on the scene in the 800 block of Suismon Street in the city's Deutschtown area, more rounds had been fired. According to Pittsburgh police, an investigation into the incident is underway, and evidence is being collected from as many as eight separate crime sites covering a few blocks around where the shooting occurred.

Victims with bullet wounds were found near the home and sent to hospitals by ambulance, according to authorities. Other gunshot victims were transported in private automobiles to surrounding hospitals, including two youngsters who were pronounced dead when they arrived at emergency rooms, according to officials.

It's unclear who rented the Airbnb, but according to TribLive, the property's owner is 900 North Group LLC, according to Allegheny County real estate records.

This is the third time in nine days that gunfire occurred at parties held at Airbnb apartments, including one near Sacramento, California, that killed a teenager and another that shook a suburban Houston residential community.